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Sailing Lessons San Diego
Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have no experience, is sailing a hard sport to learn?
  • With the proper training anyone can learn to sail. Learning to sail becomes much easier under the guidance of a qualified instructor following a course of study. At our school you will receive “hands on” training from a mature, patient instructor considered one of the best instructors in the United States.
  • Must I have an ASA or US SAILING Certification to rent boats?
  • Some places will rent you sailboats without any official school certification. The important thing is that you learn to sail with confidence so that when you rent a sailboat you know what you are doing and can sail safely. Our training will help you rent boats and is guaranteed to meet or exceed the certification requirements of both ASA and US SAILING.
  • Is sailing an expensive hobby?
  • Not necessarily. The money you invest in learning to sail is about equal to or less than the investment you would make in many other sports, such as skiing or golf. After you learn to sail you will find that many great sailing boats are not that expensive to rent or own.
  • My boyfriend knows how to sail. Must he take lessons to become ASA or US SAILING certified?
  • People that know how to sail can “challenge” the official certifications of the American Sailing Association and the US SAILING organizations. The “challenge” can be inexpensive, and does not require that one take formal lessons, depending on one’s ability and past sailing experience.
  • A friend of mine owns a boat and will teach me to sail. Why should I take lessons?
  • Many people might want to help you learn to sail and they might be very good sailors and perhaps good teachers. However, unless you follow a course of study and have structured time on the water you may not learn as much or become as competent a sailor as you otherwise might. You do not learn much by just “going on a boat ride.” By learning the fundamentals of sailing from a great “hands on” instructor, there is no limit to what you can achieve and how much fun you can have in the sport of sailing.
  • If my husband gets ASA or US SAILING certified, isn’t that enough? Why should I also take sailing lessons?
  • When husband and wife sail together it is still very important that both people take sailing lessons. They will sail with more confidence and enjoy the time on the water together much more. Also, both persons need to be able to handle the boat in emergencies such as a person falling in the water. Sailing “partners” and sailing “buddies” need to work together as a team to get the most out of their time on the water.
  • How do I select a good sailing school? Aren’t all sailing schools pretty much the same?
  • Before you select a sailing school make sure that the instructor is well-qualified, patient, mature individual and that the time on the water and in the classroom follows a course outline that covers the necessary fundamentals of sailing. Please take a look at our “Awards” and “Testimonials” pages in this website.

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