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San Diego Sailing Courses | Sailing Lessons for Every Level
The following classes or "mini-courses” are offered as fun classes to generate interest in sailing and promote and maintain sailing skills. The classes are offered when there is sufficient interest and they are often small, informal classes, provided at low cost to the active student.
Dusty Deck Shoes
Haven't sailed for a while? This is a refresher course for students of all levels of experience.
Safe Boating Skills Aboard Your Own Sailboat
Students learn basic boating skills and procedures through practice and study. Designed for the sailboat owner.
First Mate’s Course
Designed for the spouse that never gets to do much on the sailboat while underway. Teaches basic techniques for the first mate who wants to have more responsibility on the boat, and possibly take over in case of an emergency.
Introduction to Coastal Navigation
Coastal Navigation is an essential skill for the sailor who wants to venture away from the dock and out on the ocean. This course teaches you how to read a chart, plot a course, know where you are when out of sight of land or in the fog, and the skill of getting where you want to go and back the traditional way. We will also show you how to get the most out of your GPS or other electronic means of navigation.
Night Navigation
Teaches how to avoid problems returning to or departing from a harbor at night. How to use the buoy system, depth sounder, global positioning system (GPS) and avoid problems of back lights.
How to Buy a Sailboat
Valuable advice on taking the big step of sailboat ownership. Pitfalls and what to do and not to do. Hints on maintenance, slip rent, insurance, and more.

Cruising Catalina Island Basic
This course hints on what to expect, where to go, and how to handle the job of properly and safely tying up to the mooring buoys and a few anchorages.

Cruising Ensenada, Mexico
Introduction to cruising in Mexican waters and return to the United States. Course includes valuable information about international cruising, Mexican and U.S. Customs, and how to enjoy sailing in Mexican waters.


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