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ASA Sailing Lessons in San Diego

The “Introduction to Sailing” class includes a 4-5 hour sail.

Is learning to sail something you always thought you might do someday? Think you want to learn to sail but are not quite ready to jump right in by signing up for classes or joining a sailing club? When you sail with your friends do you feel that you do not know how to help out with the sailing and are just along for the ride?
Maybe you did some sailing in the past and think you might want to try your hand at the sport again. Or perhaps you want to get your family, spouse, or friend involved in the sport and think a day of sailing with an instructor might be just the ticket. Or maybe you just want to go sailing!
Sign up for our inexpensive, fun, informative day lesson on the water. You will get a great sailboat ride and introductory lesson for an unbelievable low price. You will learn how to be safe on a boat and contribute to the sailing and boat handling. Learn how the boat moves. Act as helmsperson or crew. Pull on the lines to adjust the sails and be aware of what is going on upon returning to the dock. Learn how to properly secure the boat after a sail. Discuss with your “crew” and instructor what you learned and think about if you want to sign up for more lessons. Even if you do not want to continue taking sailing lessons, you will have gotten your money’s worth. Walk away from the day sail with a little more confidence on the water and you will no doubt be a better crewperson when asked to sail again with your friends.
Maybe you will decide to continue with lessons. If you do, we will credit your fee for the introductory sail toward your sailing lessons. Your instructor will show you a low cost, no pressure way to take advantage of this opportunity to get involved in the wonderful sport of sailing.
So, get your spouse, friends, aspiring sailors or whomever together and call to reserve your day on the water!
Cost for the 5 hour lesson is only $94 per person, minimum 3 students.

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