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Sailing Lessons San Diego

Learn from notably the best sailing instructor in San Diego and Oceanside, California

"Captain Frank Dixon is proud and grateful for having received nationally recognized awards for the quality of sailing instruction. However, the school realizes that the greatest award or honor that a school or instructor can have is the continued success and accomplishments of their former students.
Our former students are active in the sailing community. Many have Bareboat Chartered in many locations of the world, including the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Greece and more. Some are at this time cruising the waters of the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Hawaii in their own boats. Other former students are sailing the waters of Southern and Northern California enjoying the sailing lifestyle while cruising or competing in and winning sailboat races as members of various yacht clubs.
Our former students are confident and happy with their sailing skills because they took the time to enroll in our quality sailing classes. "

-- Frank Dixon, Owner and Instructor
West Coast Sailing and Oceanside Sailing Club & School

 “Frank has tremendous enthusiasm for sailing and it rubs off on his students. He teaches in a friendly environment and his courses will give you the skills you need in order to safely and confidently handle a boat. I have taken the first two courses (Basic Keelboat and Coastal Cruising) and I cannot wait to take the next.”
-- Joe Marckx (Cardiff, CA)
"My wife, Terri, and I took your sailing class some time ago. Hard to believe it was only such a short time go and so much has happened for her and I sailing wise. You make sailing fun. The sailing community owes you some thanks."
-- Tom Manok (Commodore Oceanside Yacht Club, Oceanside, CA)
-- Terri Manok, “Yachtsperson of the Year, 2008”, Southern California Yachting Association.

“I first met Frank when he taught my wife to sail at Mira Costa College. I then went on to take all the classes myself through the Oceanside Sailing Club & School. I enjoy racing and cruising on my Santana 20 and Pacific Seacraft 27. I met all of my racing crew through the Oceanside Sailing Club & School.
You will not learn more or have more fun anywhere else. The enthusiasm is infectious.”

-- Simon Clark (Encinitas, CA)
ASA Certified Sailing Instructor

"For many years I thought about wanting to sail. A couple of years ago, that dream became a reality. Ten months later under the tutelage of Frank Dixon, Oceanside Sailing Club and School, I completed the ASA classes basic through advanced, including Coastal Navigation. The following year, my wife Amy also completed three ASA sailing certificates. I am Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico certified by the Oceanside Sailing Club & School. We are a sailing family and now looking to buy our own sailboat. Like Jimmy Buffet once sang, 'I see a white sail, sailing across a blue bay and I say some day I will'.
Why wait??"

-- Bill and Amy Vice, (Encinitas, CA)
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